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“Carpets are often the first thing friends, family, guests, and customers see when they enter your house or commercial building.
Ross Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.’s carpet cleaning services can help to ensure that your carpets always make a great first impression!”

Disaster-Related Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services

Disaster can come in many forms, but all natural disasters share one thing in common: they can do extensive damage to your home or business structure and fixtures. Carpets are especially vulnerable to the effects of both fire and flood. Fire’s flames can not only burn through carpeting, but also create smoke and soot damage that can often do as much damage as the flames. Water can be just as destructive, and can leave behind pungent odors and moist conditions that provide a fertile environment for mold and mildew to take root. Fortunately, Ross Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. can help you deal with these disaster-related carpeting concerns. Our team of restoration experts can:

Evaluate your carpeting to determine the extent of any damage and its restoration potential
Provide you with a cleanup and restoration plan
Remove soot, water, or other substances from the carpet
Use professional drying techniques to eliminate any moisture and prevent mold growth or buildup
Sanitize affected carpeting, and deodorize the fibers to eliminate foul smells
Utilize special treatments to preserve carpet fibers, remove debris, and restore much of its natural splendor
Work with your insurer to make the entire cleanup and restoration process as seamless and anxiety-free as possible

Regular Carpet Cleaning for Home and Commercial Properties

Of course, you shouldn’t wait for disaster to strike before cleaning your carpeting. Dirt, dust, debris, and allergens regularly settle in carpet fibers, diminishing aesthetic appeal and creating a general sense of uncleanliness in any home or business. Our home and commercial cleaning services utilize proprietary cleaning systems that have earned us awards and industry acclaim. Those services extend well beyond disaster recovery by providing the effective cleaning you need to protect your family, customers, guests, and others from harmful allergens. And if you’re buying or selling a new home or business property, it’s important to get professional carpet cleaning to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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At Ross Cleaning & Restoration, Inc., we take pride in being one of the best Fort Wayne home restoration companies in business today. Our focus is always on meeting our customers’ needs and simplifying their cleaning and restoration efforts. Whether your carpets have suffered damage from disaster or neglect, we will make every effort to salvage and restore them with our proven cleanup and restoration techniques.Why buy new carpet when you can clean your existing carpets?

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Brad Boyles
Adam and his whole crew were nothing less than top notch. Their communication and speed were impressive. Adam is passionate about what he does and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommended!

I have used Ross Cleaning & Restoration 2 times and they do a excellent job. My carpet is 13 years old and it looks great when the cleaning is done. The workers are so efficient as they are working from the time they are here until leaving. I would highly recommend Ross Cleaning & Restoration to anyone that needs a superior job done. I would not call anyone else as another one I had they left so much of the cleaner in the carpet. It was slushy to walk in. Thanks again for a great job.

By far the best service and quality of any cleaning and restoration company I have used (and I've used plenty). On time, great work, helpful tips, realistic expectations and very cognizant to the care of our belongings and property. I've used Ross 3 times now and this is the first review as I wanted to see if there was consistency in their work, and I was not disappointed. Highly recommended.

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Ross Restoration is proud to be one of the best Fort Wayne home restoration companies operating in this area. Our cleaning and restoration services are second to none, and customer satisfaction is always our top priority. At Ross, our customers are like family – and we want our family to enjoy homes that are free from dirt, debris, fire and water damage, and anything else that might diminish your quality of life.

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