Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Cleaning and Restoration Services
Are Essential After a Fire

“When fire damage occurs, you need the help of a company that makes your needs their top priority.”


Ross Cleaning & Restoration Inc. offers the fire cleanup services you need when your home or commercial property has been devastated by fire and smoke damage. Fire is one of the most destructive forces in nature, and can wreak havoc on your property and your life. When fire strikes a building, it can create structural damage, destroy belongings, and leave behind smoke and soot residue that continues to damage carpets, wood, and everything else in the structure – even after the flames have been extinguished. Proper cleanup and restoration is essential to return your home or business structure to its former state.

Reliable and Timely Cleaning and Restoration Services

When flooding occurs, the immediate water damage is often only the beginning of your troubles. That water can cause structural damage, as moisture continues to impact structural integrity long after the waters recede. Without proper cleaning and effective restoration efforts, your property’s value and habitability can be affected in a dramatic way. As one of the top Fort Wayne home restoration companies, Ross Cleaning & Restoration Inc. has the experience and expertise you need to properly restore any home or business structure that has been ravaged by water damage. Our team of restoration experts will:

Once the flames die down, soot starts to settle in the affected area. That soot is acidic and can stain any surfaces with which it makes contact. That means that even areas that were undamaged by the flames could still be ruined by the fire’s aftermath
Smoke can be even more devastating to your home or business. Smoke can ruin clothing, wood, walls, & floors. It can have a negative impact on metal surfaces. Worse, it can impact your health. Even almost undetectable levels of smoke can make it difficult to breathe and create health hazards for your guests, & customers
The ill effects of smoke and soot can continue long after the fire ends. Timely intervention is critical to contain the damage and prevent the further loss of property and negative health consequences

Rely on the Best Fire Damage
Restoration Service in Fort Wayne

At Ross Cleaning & Restoration Inc., we are committed to providing the best fire damage restoration service in Fort Wayne. To help get your home or commercial property back to its former state, our team of restoration experts will:

  • Provide the professional cleaning you need to remove reside left behind by fire, smoke, and soot.
  • Help you ensure that you salvage as much personal or business property as possible, and prevent further loss due to smoke damage and soot.
  • Coordinate repairs of any structural damages. We subcontract those reconstruction efforts to ensure that your property’s walls, floors, and other features are repaired properly.
  • Work with your insurer so that you can concentrate on life’s other concerns. We will deal with those insurance issues so that you don’t have to!
  • Provide all cleaning and restoration with minimal invasiveness. That saves you money, and protects your structure as much as possible.

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Brad Boyles
Adam and his whole crew were nothing less than top notch. Their communication and speed were impressive. Adam is passionate about what he does and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommended!

I have used Ross Cleaning & Restoration 2 times and they do a excellent job. My carpet is 13 years old and it looks great when the cleaning is done. The workers are so efficient as they are working from the time they are here until leaving. I would highly recommend Ross Cleaning & Restoration to anyone that needs a superior job done. I would not call anyone else as another one I had they left so much of the cleaner in the carpet. It was slushy to walk in. Thanks again for a great job.

By far the best service and quality of any cleaning and restoration company I have used (and I've used plenty). On time, great work, helpful tips, realistic expectations and very cognizant to the care of our belongings and property. I've used Ross 3 times now and this is the first review as I wanted to see if there was consistency in their work, and I was not disappointed. Highly recommended.

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