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Sterosil Sterilization: Whole Room Sterilization for Mold, Bacteria, & Viruses

Soap and water, and a little elbow grease are all that are needed for most common cleaning jobs. However, situations arise where typical surface cleaning isn’t going to cut it, such as mold and bacteria or virus infestation, and specialized equipment is needed to fully sterilize the affected area. Fortunately, there are professional options available to home and business owners to thoroughly eliminate mold, germs, and other contaminants. Sterosil Sterilization can be the ideal option for eliminating contaminants that standard cleaning often misses.

Sterosil Sterilization: Powerful and Safe Fogging Treatments that Work

Sterosil Sterilization is a powerful, disinfecting fogging system that uses the Halo disinfectant to provide whole room sterilization that eliminates mold, bacteria, and viruses from the air and surfaces. Halo is specifically designed to maximize the power of hydrogen peroxide disinfectants using stabilizing silver ions, enabling it to directly target harmful microorganisms and destroy them before they can pose a risk to humans.

Unlike some sanitization procedures that require direct surface application to remove contaminants, our Sterosil process delivers the Halo formula using a powerful medical grade fogging system. That fogging process enables the compound to reach not only visible surfaces, but cracks, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas as well. As a result, you can rest assured that sterilized rooms have been decontaminated to the fullest extent possible.

What Contaminants Can Halo Address?

The Halo disinfectant compound is designed to provide maximum sanitization, destroying a broad array of pathogens. That has made it particularly effective in environments that may be at high risk for infection, areas that have been severely damaged by natural disasters, and any room or building where viruses, mold, and other dangerous organisms threaten human and animal health. For example, Halo can:

  • Kill 99.9999 percent of C. difficile spores. These spores can cause illnesses and infections that can prove life-threatening for many patients and affect nearly half a million U.S. residents each year.
  • Destroy toxic mold spores and control odors that often take root in homes and commercial buildings in the aftermath of flooding, fires, and other natural disasters. The system’s ability to kill mold spores on contact and reach even the most inaccessible areas in any room makes it one of the most effective mold containment and removal options in use today.
  • Kill viruses and bacteria that may linger in the air or on surfaces in many rooms during an illness or virus outbreak.

Most important, Halo has been proven to outperform bleach, is far less corrosive than many alternative disinfectant options, and has been shown to reduce infection rates.

How Does Sterosil Sterilization Work?

Our Sterosil Sterilization process uses a fogging machine that delivers the Halo compound in aerosol form throughout an affected room. The process relies on evaporation to deliver vapor and micro-droplets to even the most hard-to-reach areas of the room, ensuring optimal coverage. As the Halo compound encounters its target microorganisms, its formula aggressively disrupts cell membranes, binds to enzymes to disable their energy sources, and binds to DNA to prevent cell replication.

In addition, this unique fogging system requires no special cleanup, as the compound quickly decomposes and leaves no residual remnant. That helps to make this treatment a safe and effective option for any room’s decontamination and sterilization needs.

When Is Sterilization Necessary?

Home and Room Restorations after Disasters

Fires and other natural disasters do more than destroy homes and commercial properties. They can also contaminate surfaces and leave dangerous spores and other pathogens in the air. Sterosil Sterilization can effectively kill mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances that might otherwise leave you, your loved ones, or your customers at risk. As a result, this sanitization process can be an ideal solution for home and office restoration efforts in the aftermath of any disaster.

Home and Commercial Disinfectants

Both homes and businesses can be at risk for contamination. Because Halo is a safe disinfectant, it can be widely used for most home and commercial applications. That’s vitally important in a world in which bacteria and novel viruses are a regular and persistent threat to health and safety. Sterosil Sanitization provides the full spectrum disinfectant power needed to decontaminate virtually any room.


Commonly Asked Questions

What areas and property need to be sterilized?

Obviously, your sterilization needs will be unique to your situation, and the type of contamination that has impacted your home or business. For example:

  • If a virus or bacterial infection has been present in your home or commercial building, you will probably need to sterilize all surfaces in any contaminated area. That could include bathrooms, kitchens, door handles, bedding, hard surfaces, electronics, stuffed animals, appliances, furnishings, and even garbage cans.
  • In the aftermath of burst pipes, flooded basements, or fires, you may have problems with anything from mold to dangerous particles in the air and on surfaces. Fogging sterilization can ensure that dangerous molds and airborne spores are destroyed, while also addressing odors that can negatively impact quality of life.

Who Can I Turn to for My Most Pressing Sterilization Needs?

When you need superior sterilization for your home or business, you can rely on Ross Restoration. Our Sterosil Sterilization system can help you address virtually any bacterial, mold, or virus contamination and help provide a safer, healthier environment in any affected room. To learn more about how our services can help you resolve serious contamination concerns, contact us today.


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